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04.16.2009   Make a Business Breakthrough in Todayís Economy!  

10.23.2008   Even if you're not happy right now, how do you become available for happiness?  
07.17.2008   Cloud South Films Presents: HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD  
05.22.2008   Meet Carolyn Molnar, who will answer your questions about life after death, past lives†and other controversial subject.  
04.16.2008   You are the colours you choose and those reflect your being's needs… with Orsi Baird  
02.20 2008   Creating Love & Romance with Feng Shui, with Katherine and Russ Loaders  
11.14.2007   DETOX is a MUST for Survival in the 21st Century!
10.17.2007   Face Reading with Garth Riley  
09.12.2007   An Encore with Pam Killeen "The Great Bird Flu Hoax"; How the Media and Multinationals Benefit from Fear Mongering  
08.15. 2007   The Great Bird Flu Hoax: How the Media and Multinationals Benefit from Fear Mongering, with Pam Killeen  
07.18.2007   Understanding the Opposite Sex - 5 Keys to Relationship Enhancement: with Daniel Rutley  
06.13.2007   “Stop and Ask for Directions!” with James Fraser  
05.16.2007   Nutrition and Mental Health  
04.18.2007   God Wears Lipstick Seminar based on the book by Karen Berg  
03.21.2007   Living With Passion  
02.14.2007   Come to Celebrate Valentines Day with us!!  
01.17.2007   Keeping your Balance in an Unbalanced World; Tired of walking that high wire every day?  
12.13.2006   Christmas Party  
11.22.2006   The Healing Power Of Love with Judy Gray  
10.11.2006   "Breaking the Cycle", with Jo-Anne Cutler  
09.13.2006   Golf Tournament + My Camino. The power of surrender with Sue Kenney  
08.16.2006   Golf Clinic + Make it UPTIMISTIC! Feeling Stressed?  
07.19.2006   Golf Clinic + THE NEXT STEP. Are you stuck?  
06.21.2006   Golf Clinic + The Role that Money Plays in our Lives!!  
05.17.2006   Powerful Drives, Powerful Lives  
04.19.2006   Energy Psychology  
02.15.2006   Joyce Ann Farris will talk to us on what are the best ways to live longer, live healthier and to look and act more youthful without invasive or aggressive techniques  
01.18.2006   What is "CHI KUNG" and do you want to know more?  

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