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28.07.2011   Come networking with live music with Aaron Amore
and door prizes!!!

Achieving outstanding personal and organizational success in our busy, competitive, chaotic – yet very exciting – world!
with Gail Voisin

22.03.2011   Neon chips, fluorescent cereals and rainbow coloured foods - are we paying a steep price. With Jane Durst Pulkys  
17.12.2010   Christmas Holiday Party 2011 with Aaron Amore
and Mark.S.Numerologist
29.11.2010   Intuitive & Interactive Know When It’s Your Intuition
With Joshua Zuchterring
24.09.2010   New Self, New World Recovering Our Senses in The Twenty-First Century with Philip Shepherd  
26.05.2010   Sacred Numbers, Cosmic Rhythms and the 2012 Renaissance with Sophia Parker-Reeves  
25.03.2010   Zero counts numerology consultations and the portals of awakening 1999-2019 with Sophia Parker-Reeves  
16.03.2010   Unmask the secrets of your Personality, Destiny & Success through the Art of Face Reading with Joey Yap  
18.02.2010   Powerful, informative and fun evening with our 12 amazing intuitive professionals for a FREE 15-minute, one-on-one reading!!  
12.11.2009   Win Christmas Party - Spirit Inspired Messages with
Kelita and Carolyn
10.22.2009   Empowering Your Heart to Change the World with
Carol Fitzpatrick

Navigating Government Grants; Green Your Home with Government Gr$$n
The Green Energy Boom: Prepare to Profit by Aligning your Wealth with your Values

04.30.2009   Three Amazing CEOs Present New Technologies  
04.30.2009   Transform your Thinking to Achieve Financial Success  
03.27.2009   The Transformational Power of Grounding - Denis Chagnon  
03.07.2009   Ambition to Meaning from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer  
02.13.2009   You, Karma and your Soul Mates! - Georgina Cannon  
01.23.2009   Kamal Hassan CEO, Skymeter  
01.23.2009   Safety and effectiveness of complementary medicine for the treatment of depressive illness - Philip Rouchotas  
10.30.2008   Karen M. Black - karmic astrologer  
09.19.2008   This is my Journey! Ray Zahab  
As a Woman, as a Mother, as a Physician, and now as a Politician... What Iím ready to contribute for my Country
07.25.2008   Cloud South Films Presents: HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD
One Man, One Cow, One Planet
06.23.2008   Step Into The Spotlight! - How to catapult yourself or your brand into a starring role! with Tsufit
05.29.2008   Allan Green ďMaster Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator"  
The Magic of Body Mind Communication with Hermann Müller
Manifesting Your Mate and Other Secrets of Romance, with Carolyn Molnar
Understanding the "Art & Science of Real Estate, Mortgages and Credit"


Celebrating the end of an amazing year!! Christmas Party with Santa Claus!
Sustainable computing and communications for everyone on the planet
Halloween Party
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Climate Change and Canadian Solutions
08.28 2007  
Being on Purpose : A Woman's Journey
We bring you not one but 7 Professionals in different but related backgrounds
"Psychiatry in the Schools--Your child is not safe from coercive drugging"
The Secret of True Prosperity; Success without the Side effects and how to have everything!
Understanding the Opposite Sex - 5 Keys to Relationship Enhancement
The true Secret behind "The Secret"
Lose Weight, Get Fit and Stay that Way!
Breaking the Ice and Engaging Strangers - with Colleen Clarke
Christmas Party
Life Interrupted, with Laurie M. Martin
The Clinics for Humanity, with The Hon. Dr. Sheila McKenzie Vice-Chairman of World Organization of Natural Medicine
A Cut Above - Recognizing your Valued Carats with Adele Alfano
The Visible and Invisible Worlds of GOD with Metaphysician and Energy Healer Caroline Cory
The talk of the Town - "The Secret" Movie, followed by a group discussion
Belly dancing
Women have become a powerful force in the automotive industry.
The Power of Image
The Simple Secrets of Life's Winners
Find out what's new in fashion and how to wear them
What is "CHI KUNG" and do you want to know more?
Keeping your promises - to yourself!

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