My goal in founding WIN in 2000 was not just about creating a Women Organization for networking and exchanging business cards. It was about creating a circle of friends who seek to Think and Live Green in their personal, professional and spiritual lives! By investing in a sustainable future as the world becomes more interconnected, it is extremely important to work together for a strong economy and a safe environment.

Having to live and survive several personal challenges throughout my life, I was inspired to create a space for women to pursue their passions and empower themselves to reach their full potential. Later on, I recognized the need to restore a balance of male and female energy, leading me to welcome men into the WIN community. Bringing men on board created a Win-Win situation, complementing our existing membership and allowing us to shift from an Egocentric position to that of an Ecocentric. Join us and be a part of the change!

"We are currently experiencing a transformative time with respect to our economy, our environment, we recognize the need for unity and our vision is to create alliances that not only impact each other, but also the future of our planet."

- Nikole Bélanger Founder & CEO

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Nikole Bélanger has the Founder and CEO (Chief Environmental Officer) of WIN and NIKOBEL has over thirty years of experience in managing and building businesses. Her experience includes six years with her previous consulting company “Can We Talk Ltd.”, seven years part owner and VP of Marketing and International Sales of Implo Technology, ten years as owner and president of Nikobelli Inc. (A Prêt-a-Porter Boutique specializing in European concepts and offering personalized consultation services to mid – high management female professionals) and ten years as a Buyer and Supervisor Manager for two of  Montréal's high end boutiques.

In 2000, Nikole founded the WIN - Women’s International Network which has since undergone a series of transformations resulting in the establishment of World Interpersonal Network, a not-for-profit dedicated to the enhancement of our individual and collective well-being and to the promotion of environmental consciousness. Under the WIN organization, The WIN Foundation was established as a way to give back to our community, increase members’ awareness of societal and environmental issues and raise funds to support worthwhile causes.

In April 2008, Nikole was lucky enough to be one of the 250 people selected among thousands of Canadian applicants to be trained by Mr. Al Gore through The Climate Realty Project Canada (TCRP) in Montréal. Her commitment is to give presentations based on the film “An Inconvenient Truth”, documenting our planetary emergency with regards to the climate crisis, and offers necessary solutions while taking responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.

More recently, with the insurgence of environmental concerns, Nikole is applying her extensive knowledge in environmental sustainability to promote awareness and advocate on behalf of global warming concerns. As demand for environmental guidance increases, NIKOBEL provides Interpersonal Consulting Services which focus on green technology and the advancement of global sustainability.


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