AHC was officially opened June 17, 2006 in downtown Oakville . Services offered at AHC are Colon Hydrotherapy, Ionspa Footbath Cleansing, Holistic Nutrition Counseling, Far Infrared Sauna, Reflexology and Reiki.

Colon Hydrotherapy is used to rid the body of toxins, and has been used for many years.  Only recently when our society began its love affair with tradition medicine (i.e. drugs and surgery) has colon hydrotherapy been forgotten. However, we see renewed interest in intestinal health with the rising popularity with probiotics and fiber. Why?

The colon is responsible for the absorption of water and nutrients and needs fiber regularly to sweep out toxins and old waste. However, most of us do not get enough fiber and water. Dr. Kellogg (of the cereal name) discovered that most of us have 8-22 pounds of old waste in our colons because our diets are high in simple carbohydrates, fat and protein, and low in fiber. As a result, old waste does not get eliminated, and sticks to the walls of our colons. The colon then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, and nutrients that our bodies need are blocked from being absorbed. This can lead to a host of health problems which really only stem from one cause, a body that is fighting toxins. By eliminating these toxins, the following conditions could see a significant improvement.

Arthritis, Acne, Back Pain, Headaches, Bloating, Constipation, Candida and Yeast infections, PMS Symptoms, Colds and Flu’s, Depression, Irritable Bowels, Fatigue and Sluggishness, Excess Weight.

Colon hydrotherapy is done by gently cycling warm and purified water through the colon, carrying years of built up waste out. As a result, you will feel lighter, cleaner and more energetic.

155 Lakeshore Road East, Suites 1 & 2, Oakville, Ontario L6J 1H3
tel: 905-845-6686


McKenzie’s Integrative Health Clinics

McKenzie’s integrative health clinics provide a wellness based approach to your health care needs through our group of Collaborative health clinics conveniently located in one centre. Our clinics provide  wellness based services in the following areas;
Dental Hygiene Clinic
Homeopathic Medicine Clinic
Pain Management Clinic

Practice Philosophy

Our goal is to provide, safe, drug free therapies that fully respects the internal ecology of the body, optimizing general health as well as treatment for specific health challenges.

Discount on Dental Hygiene services for all WIN & NIM members.

Two convenient locations:
2813 Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario M1W 1A1
tel: 416-492-6725       
1330 Gerrard Street, East Suite C, Toronto , Ontario M4L 1Z1
tel: 416-465-4833    

The earliest detection technology available today for Canadian Women. Thermography Clinic screening uses NO radiation, NO compression. It is 100% safe for all breast type, ages, as well as, pregnant mothers. Detects pre-cancerous cells 10 years before tumors can be seen by other methods. Able to screen dense breasts of young women, fibrocystic breasts and implants. Scans a wider auxiliary regions of the breasts and armpits. Safe for nursing mothers.

Certificate offer: $25 reward certificate when showing your WIN & NIM Membership Card. One certificate per scan.
And will also entitled you to a FREE complimentary immune system, anti-oxidant, cellular scan, (non invasive laser technology).

Thermography Clinic Mississauga West Inc.
Edit Parker, Dir. Operations, CTT
5100 Erin Mills Parkway, Unit # E229 A PO Box 80, Mississauga ON L5M 4Z5
cel: 416-569-1766       
tel: 905-608-2800 

DR. DANA COLSON & Associates

We practice thorough and gentle dentistry through a holistic and patient-centered approach, looking at how our mouth affects our whole body. Education and relationship are an integral part of ensuring our overall well-being. Wellness in dentistry has grown from brushing, flossing and nutrition to include an awareness of how our mouth affects our whole body.

1950 Yonge St. Toronto ON M4S 1Z4
tel: 416-482-2133


Hermann Muller is a true World Master in his field of work. Hermann is the founder and director of the Australasian Institute of Body Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy. Over the past 20 years, he has developed an certification program that ranges from person growth and healing to a Diploma in Teaching Psychsomatic Therapy as a career. He has received full Nationally Recognition by the Australian Qualifications Training Framework as Natural Therapies Level 5. Accredition by The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners is in Registered in Human Relations. See brochure for more details...

Hermann Muller
Core Potentials Training & Therapy Centre Inc.

Toll-free: 1-877-846-3948 or 403-262-2560

Herbs, Supplements, Therapeutic Body Care
Delivering Natural Products to your Door

Your one-stop, on-line shop for high quality natural products, herbal remedies, supplements and therapeutic body care. We offer a carefully selected range of natural products made from the highest quality herbal extracts and pharmaceutical grade nutrient powders. These products are recommended by a variety of health professionals.

Knaturals will offer 15% discount  on your order to all WIN & NIM members with proof of membership.

tel: 905-881-9648       

The Alliance Healthcare encompasses alternative health modalities that include chiropractic, chiropody, massage therapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition as well as iridology.

Angela Borgeest RNCP (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner) practices Holistic Nutrition and Iridology at the Alliance Healthcare Professionals.

She is also offering Far Infrared Sauna Treatment to at the Clinic; gentle enough for children, it has shown proven results in detoxification, treating fibromyalgia, chronic pain, breast health, heart disease, asthma, psoriasis as well as weight loss.

Alliance Healthcare Professionals
232 South Service Rd East, Oakville ON L6J 2X5 
tel: 905-845-2291    


Isn't it time to take back control of your life!

We are a team of experts, with diverse backgrounds, who are dedicated to helping people return control back to their lives. We have committed ourselves to do this with professionalism and integrity. Our job at the clinic is to return your power back to you so you can make the changes you want in your life!

tel: 905-271-0695       

Explore your health care choices with Naturopathic Dr. Anca Martalog's medical expertise. Useful information on natural medicine treatments(acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, fitness, remedies) is offered free, with on-line treatment option with Dr. A. Martalog.

Online Alternative Medicine Center

One More Memory

In January 2004, when Brenda Hounam visited a small town in Ontario Canada to speak about how Alzheimer’s disease had affected her and her family, she did not realize how much her life was about to change.

As Linda Westbrook sat in the audience and watched Brenda speak, it came to her that she needed to know more about how Brenda coped from day-to-day. For Linda, the information would be invaluable for the support groups she led for the Alzheimer Society of Elgin.

For booking information email Linda Westbrook at:


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