Cameo Story

ow did it all start, where did it begin? What's happening to me and why? I've never been sick or unwell or even under the weather. Never ever caught a cold or had the flu' or suffered headaches or stomach upsets etc. Then suddenly the bomb dropped, it was the afternoon September 11, 2001; sitting in Dr Gurland's office with my sister-in-law, when I heard "Hermina, I'm so sorry to inform you that your D&C results have come back unfavourable - you have Cancer of the Uterus!" Silence, utter silence, then a torrent of tears.

September 11, 2001, who can forget that fateful day, while America and the world watched with horror the terror of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers deplode, I was facing my own terror of being diagnosed with a dreadful illness - with no hope at all. USA as a nation was on it's knees asking God how did this terror of madness happen to such a powerful country, I was on my knees asking God 'what have I done in my lifetime to deserve such a horrible death sentence'!

Let me begin my story. I am a 57-year old woman. I have been a very healthy specimen as far back as I can remember (since teen-age years), was always hale and hearty. The only time I've seen doctors or been admitted to hospitals was for two my pregnancies which resulted in the birth of two very beautiful healthy children.

Anyway after being diagnosed, I was sent with great haste to see the best specialists at Princess Margaret Hospital who confirmed I had cancer of the uterus and the lymph nodes. Without delay a team of doctors met with my family and me, told us that the prognosis was not good and my chances for recovery was nil. My cancer was in operable, as the tumours were very big. I was so big, the medical team thought I was nine months pregnant ready to pop the baby any time.

Aggressive chemotherapy started which lasted eight months. Then I had surgery (hysterectomy). After total recovery from surgery I then had to undergo twenty-five treatments of radiation. I endured several kinds of tests, diagnostic treatments and blood transfusions, lost all my hair from my head to my toes. I had severe swelling of my face due to the steroids and medications that I was given. I battled all that and came through with flying colours. But I did not do it alone. There was Divine intervention. I had tremendous spiritual and emotional support from loving caring friends and family. I was on prayer lists on all five continents of the globe. Nikole not only put me on prayer lists but also commandeered so many of her friends, business associates and aquantainces to send me cards, letters, get well wishes etc. Nikole always kept her telephone lines constantly opened to my children and me. When I was too sick to talk she would leave messages with my children and inquire after my well being. So you see my battle was fought not only on my own feeble strength, but on the prayers, kind thoughts and good wishes from loving caring people. Just like the song says, "People need People" and, our strength and endurance can only come from one Powerful Source "GOD".

After two years, I now stand with you living and breathing a very vigorous, healthy life!



From Depths of Despair
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