The mission of running a Clinic for Humanity with the support of volunteers on monthly bases is to fulfill the duty entrusted to it by the delivery of primary health care and natural medicine to our community and eventually in every city of the worlds economically deprived people. The human cost of conflicts is immense, and the physical and psychological wounds they inflict on the population are enormous. By giving & sharing these preventive treatments and consultations will help to reduce the unnecessary emergency and keep them healthier so they can prevail for their families so we can reduce the level of poverty in cities and their borders.

The latter heals very slowly. This reinforces the necessity of developing a worldwide group, geared to natural medicine health care delivery education, knowledge and peace. Hopefully, this will awaken within societies, the values, attitudes and bonds of common interest necessary to transcend the differences arising from conflicts and inequities.

Governments are restricted in providing cost effective primary health care to the poor, due to their reliance on manufactured drugs. Most doctors are at a loss without expensive hospital technology, technicians and prescription drugs. Their lack of knowledge with respect to natural medicine prevents them from using an inexpensive, effective and reliable source of healthcare by teaching preventive health care.

Under "Clinic for Humanity" program, practitioners for natural medicine and alternative treatments will administer monthly "free" primary health care and natural medicine services, including seminars and workshops to educate people to take care of their health and prevent illness true the right programs, exercise, nutrition, supplements to the poor whenever it is needed. It would save life and money to the government and the healthcare infrastructure.

This humanitarian project is a joint venture between the WIN FOUNDATION, WIN and all the practitioners for natural medicine and alternative treatments to create temporary clinic days events and eventually establish a first Preventive Health Care Center in the city of Toronto where women and their families will receive treatment, education, knowledge, emotional support and strategies to start living a healthier life, more successful in their endeavors and enable them to be better parents and workers or experiencing a new life after experiencing an abusive relationships. Natural medicine health care will be delivered free of charge to the inner city poor and the center will also serve as a resource center for networking, film, natural and alternative medicine education.

The goal is to provide health care, knowledge and education to care for themselves and their family regardless of their social statues or inability to pay but to empower them to stay healthy, elevate their income and eliminate poverty.


Nikole Bélanger
Founder of
WIN (Women International Network)
Nikobel Interpersonal
Consulting Services and an Official Presenter for Al Gore through the Climate Project - Canada.

Tel: 416.226.3288
Tel: 1.877.427.3008

The WIN Foundation project is 100% supported by donations from sponsors and "FRIENDS" of natural medicine who care about the work that WIN is doing.

Click here to listen to the radio interview with Nikole Belanger & Hon. Dr. Sheila McKenzie, (duration 54 minutes).

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