McDonald's Begins Closing Restaurants Across U.S. as Clean Food Movement Sweeps America
Finally, our efforts to avoid processed foods and Frankenfoods are paying off. For the first time in decades, McDonald’s is struggling and has to close more restaurants than it opens after worldwide drops in sales.

Why Buy Organic Foods?
Sometimes as an organic farmer, we honestly feel like we have just reinvented the wheel. Our fore fathers used the very same methods of farming, before the era of factory farming became popular. It would seem that many changes have been made with an economic concern rather than a health concern.

Harmful Ingredients
We are always told to read the label. Ok, so you read the label. How far ahead are you? Most of us don't know what most of the ingredients are on a label.

Study Shows Secret to Gas-free Beans
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two strains of bacteria are the key to making beans flatulence-free, Venezuelan researchers reported on Tuesday. They identified two bacteria, Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus plantarum, which can be added to beans so they cause minimal distress to those who eat them, and to those around the bean-lovers, Marisela Granito of Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela and colleagues reported.

Travellers and Drinking Water
OTTAWA (CP) - Airline passengers with compromised immune systems are being warned to avoid drinking any tap water on flights - and that includes tea and coffee.

Salmonellosis Outbreak in Certain Types of Tomatos
The Food and Drug Administration is alerting consumers nationwide that a salmonellosis outbreak appears to be linked to consumption of certain types of raw red tomatoes and products containing raw red tomatoes. The bacteria causing the illnesses are Salmonella serotype Saintpaul, an uncommon type of Salmonella.

Raw Milk Crusader: Michael SchmidtWeston A. Price:
Michael Schmidt loves to be on his farm. But he's also very comfortable being in the midst of controversy. Filmmaker Norman Lofts takes us into the heart of that controversy. Schmidt is a passionate advocate of organic raw milk - he says it's better than pasteurized milk.

The Good Food Movement, securing the future of family farms
IAs one of the founders of Farm Aid, I have watched with admiration and a good amount of satisfaction the growth of what many now call the "Good Food movement" - the growing interest in and demand for organic, humanely-raised and family farm-identified food that is transforming the way America grows its food and how our food gets to our tables.

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