You know it’s Spring when the robin, a harbinger of the season, is seen and heard. The narrative of seasonal renewal has been invoked throughout time in literature and art and Raphael the angel of Spring is one of the most represented saints in the Western tradition. It is worth noting that the healing color of green is also associated with Raphael and spring green is a color for personal renewal to be incorporated into our living spaces. According to native earth medicine teachings, the color palette for the three months of this season includes yellow, blue and white/green. Yellow, gold and green are also colors associated with childhood and are happy adjacent harmonies for interiors.

On the mundane level of our existence, spring cleaning & de-cluttering are a “must-do” yearly event. But this work can take on a spiritual aspect if seen also as a cleansing ritual, a time to discard negative and stagnant thoughts and make way for the new energy of the season to enter our lives.

Our landscape will soon de-clutter of snow and ice as the sounds and sights of rivers and streams bursting forth with new energy will greet us. It is time to walk the land.

The following is a simple checklist of steps to renew you and your interiors for spring:

First, take time for your personal earth hour by simply walking
in Nature and recording all that appeals to your senses. How will you reflect this experience indoors?

Action – Light & Color: As the days are getting longer, when repainting your walls, choose light hues and pastels to reflect the most light. After the long dark days of winter, the goal is to maximize the cheerful energy of natural daylight. We still spend much time indoors and need this support for mental and physical wellbeing. As discussed green, yellow and blue are good but to personalize your palette answer the following: 1) What is your favourite color? Apply this to your active living space.
2) What was your favourite color in childhood? Apply this in living spaces that are in need of renewal or as an accent color in your active rooms.

Open a new window! It’s time to change the window treatment. Use light diffusing natural fabrics for curtains and use your imagination with more formal drapery. A floral or vine-like top treatment over a simple wooden rod is just one idea for framing your spring view. Your window on nature is usually your best primary focal point in any room.

Scents, Aroma and Indoor Air Quality: As discussed in previous articles, good IAQ is a priority. Happily, you can begin to keep windows open and if there is a garden in the making this will benefit your interiors. Be sure to maintain indoor plants such as ferns, palms and ivy to counteract household toxins and electronic pollution. Choose low V.O.C. paints for your walls (the claim of ‘O’ volatile organic compound content is being challenged) To further define this element, a beautiful geranium plant will contribute pink and green healing rays and refresh your space. If you choose to diffuse essential oils, select the floral category.

Textures: Again, choose furniture and furnishings made of natural fibres and materials where possible. Natural decorating can work with most periods and styles.

Finally, when you are in a relaxed and undistracted state record what you like most about spring and the settings for your happiest memories associated with this season. See how you can incorporate these associations into your home starting with photos, art, favourite objects and a space for creative pursuits…the season is what you make of it. Enjoy!

Hope Springs Eternal

Bette E Stock
- Holistic Interior Design & Colour Consultant
Member of Holistic Design Institute and Walls Windows & Furnishings Assn.

Tel: 416-766-7346
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Bette is owner/director of Harmony Natural Design, a multi-faceted service offering healing, intuitive and eco-design solutions for your home and small office. To the WIN & NIM members and site visitors, she is currently offering a 25% discount on colour consultations. This offer expires September 21, 2008.

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