Waste Couture: Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry
Far away in Tanzania, a young man proudly wears a T-shirt imprinted with the logo of an American basketball team while shopping at the local mitumba market for pants that will fit his slender figure. Although seemingly disparate, these two scenes are connected through the surprising life cycle of clothing.

You plan for school, work, holidays and even your retirement. What about your baby?
We used to think that all a man needed to do to prepare for a baby was save some money and set up the crib, but many things contribute to having a healthy baby. We now know that the health of the man plays an important role in his ability to create a baby an d to have healthy children. When conception does not occur as planned, the cause is sometimes due to the man, sometimes due to the woman and sometimes due to a combination of both.

Grooming Apps For Men
These On-Demand Grooming Apps Were Made For The On-The-Go Man
These days, there’s almost nothing you can’t get on demand. The wave started with television. Then it was food, followed by private car services. Now, the spotlight is shifting to multipurpose grooming services. And in a society where guys are increasingly on the go and the pressure to look sharp is at an all–time high, it makes good sense.


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